b3 Computing exists to provide the Toledo area and Northwest Ohio with an affordable and reliable solution to dealing with computers. It can be difficult finding what you are looking for in a computer while obtaining the best deal in the process. We hope to solve this difficulty for you.

customized desktop systems
select from several suggested systems to suit your specific needs: high performance for gaming, high storage for media, or barebones for economic efficiency; substitutions are always encouraged

individual parts and upgrades
instead of an entire system, you may only be looking for specific parts for an existing system: components to upgrade a system or accessories to expand upon a system’s capabilities

software development
we are proud to offer most preexisting software packages at no profit to us, which results in great savings for you; if the software or program does not yet exist, then we shall work with you to develop a solution

personal training and group classes
computers become less intimidating the more that we know about them; check out the various courses that we offer or work with us to develop a desired course of training for individuals or businesses

existing computer not working the way that it should? slow? freezing? crashing? Bring it in or have us come out for an inspection; no charge if we cannot solve the problem for you

website design
we strive to produce only the purest and standards-compliant sites with XHTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL; allow us to create an online home or database for you or your company designed with low-maintenance in mind

And the price you see is the highest you’ll pay. On all hardware orders, you can save up to 25% off your purchase. Read more about how and why we are able to provide this offer. If you have any questions or suggestions about the company, please feel free to let us know.